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      ‘The Gloucester Memory Wall/Postcards from Gloucester’ was commissioned by Gloucester’s Historic Environment team as their contribution to the ‘Joined Up Art’ festival, last year. As festival partners, the team were keen to see a piece of ‘living history’ created that represented as many people as possible. The ‘wall’ was made during two family workshops at the City Museum, but the scope was widened by inviting people from across the city to contribute decorated postcards to the work. The Museum even received postcards from Gouda, one of Gloucester’s ‘Twin Towns’, after the project was publicised there. The Memory Wall went on display at the City Museum and Art Gallery in May 2009 and people continued to add to it until January 2010. As well as containing some lovely pieces of art made by children and adults, there are a range of comments from residents and visitors, so it also makes for an interesting, and mostly positive, read. Some of the comments are matter-of-fact and anonymous, while others are witty, poignant and personal.

     The ‘Family Trees – 1000 Hands’ community ‘handscape’
This 12'x 8' painting was inspired by Gloucestershire’s millennium as a Shire. It was created by people from across the county, who added their handprints to the work and gave their family names to be added to the list of artists. At least 1189 people took part and their family names are listed at the bottom of this page. (Apologies for any omissions.)
Grateful thanks are due to the schools and workshop attendees who took part and to the individual, county residents and returning visitors who participated in its making. Every major continent and generation has been represented within the work.
The ‘Gloucester Art Trail’ would also like to thank the following for variously providing workshop facilities, delivery and school supervision and tactical and technical support. :- Lisa Donel, Nathan Swenson, Christina Leach, Lee Sadler, Caroline Cowen, David Hughes.
Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery, Rendcomb College Junior School, Charfield Primary School, Berkhampsted School, University of Gloucestershire, The In-Stable Studio (SVA Open Studio event), Shurdington Nursery, Tredworth Infant School, Harewood Infant School, Dinglewell Infant School, Churcham Primary and Beaufort Community School.
Jackie John,
Finishing artist for: Gloucester Art Trail/Sabre Art.

      Artists/Family Names :-
Abdulahi Able Abrams Abrams Agg Agg Ahmed Ahmet Alen Alford Ali Ali Ali Allen Allen Amos Anderson Ansell Applegate Arellcino Arif Arinze Arkell Arronclement Ashbee Ashmead Ashmead Ashworth Ashton Aston Atevens Austin Austin Avent Badham Badzova Badzova Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey-Price Baker Baker Baker Bakere Balding Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin Ball Ballard Ballinger Bambury Bamford Bannister Barber Barber Bardsley Barnard Barnes Barnes Barradine Barnett Barry Barry Bartlett Basante Base Bashford Bashiri Bass Bate-Williams Batson Bayliss Baynham Beach Beach Beard Beard Beaton Beckerleg Beck-Esson Beddis Benfield Bennett Bell Bell Bergonzi Berriman Berry Berry Best Best Bester Bester Betts Betts Bevan Bevis Bevis Bews Biddle Birchley Bird Birkett Birt Birt Bishop Blackburn Blackwell-Booth Blagden Blake Blakes Blakeway Bloomfield Blune Bochenkiewicz Bodman Bonner Boote Boote Booth Bosley Bossons Bourne Bowen Bowers Bowyer Bradley Brain Brain Brazington Brent Brierley Brierley Briscoe Britton Broadfoot Brommage Brookes Brooks Brown Brown Brown Browne Browning Buisson-Griffiths Bullock Bullock Burke Burne Burnham Burnham Burns Burrow Burrows Burton Callard Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge Cameron Campbell Campbell Campbell Canning Capener Caple Caradyova Carpener Carpenter Carpenter Carpenter Carr Carr Carr Carter Carter Carterton Casey Castaneda Castaneda Castor Caudle Cave Chambers Chandler Chetcuti Cheviot Chikomba Childs Choudhury Chubb Clapton Clark Clarke Clavey Clay Clay-Davies Clifford Clifford Clift Clifton Clough Coldwell Cole Coleman Coleman Coll Collier Collingwood-Barry Collinson Coltman Conteh Connor Cook Cook Cook Cooke Cooke Cookes Coolman Coomber Cooper Cooper Coopey Cope Cornwell Costello Cotinga Cowe Cowley Cowmeadow Cowmeadow Cox Cox Cox Creed Cremin Cresswel Creswell Crew Critchley Crofts Cross Crossley Crossman Crown Crowther Crowther Crunkhurn Cummins Curiova Curtis Cussell Cuthbert Cuzner Dangerfield Daniels Daniels Darkes Davenport Davies Davies Davies Davies Davies Davies Davies Davis Davis Davis Davis Day Day Daye Dean Dennis Deschamps Devine-Bailey Dickinson Dickson Dix Dixon Dobbs Dobbs Docksey Docksey Dodd Dolphin Dorn Dowd Dowdeswell Dowding Dowding Dowell Dowell Dowler Draper Draper Drew Drew Drewett Driscoll Duffield Dunn Dunn Dwelve Dyek Dyer Dyer Dyke Eade East Easterbrook Eastwood Edwards Edwards Bark Elen Elen Elford Elford Elliot Elliot-Ryeland Ellis Elliss Elton Emery Emery Emms England England Ennis-Esson Etheridge Ethrington Evans Evans Evans Evans Evans Evnas Ewart Farr Farrell Faulkner Faulkner Fellows Fenemore Fenner Ferris Fidler Field Fielding Fisher Fishley Fletcher Fletcher Fletcher-Bassett Fokti Fokti Ford Ford Foster Foster Foster Fowler Francis Francis Francis Franklin Freeman Friday Friday Fry Fry Fudge Fuller Gadd Gaffar Gaffney Gage Gale Gardiner Gardiner Gardner Garrett Garrigan Gaston Gay Gaylor Gazzard George Gere Gerrard Getts Gibbons Gibbs Gibbs Giblin Gil-Henry Gil-Henry Gill Gladwin Gleed Goddard Godding Golder Golding Goldsmith Goode Goodhall Goodridge Goral Gordelier Gordon Gordon Gormin Gough Gourlay Gover Gover Graham Grant Gray Grayling Greaves Greaves Greaves Greaves Green Green Green Green Greenwood Greggs Gregory Gregory Griffin Grieg Griffith Griffiths Griffiths Griffiths Grigg Grove Gurmin Gwilliam Gwilliam Gyde Gyde Haines Haines Haines Hale Hale Hale Hall Hall Halls Hallahan Hall-Price Hamilton Hamilton Hammond Hampton-Whitehead Hancock Hancock Hancock Handcock Hands Handzlik Hanlon Hanman Hannis Hanson Harriott Harris Harris Harris Harris Harrison Harrison Hart Hartley Hartley Hartley Hartley Harvey Harvey-Lee Haslam Hassan Ali Hatch Hattrick Hawker Hawkins Hawkins Hawling Hayes Haynes Hayward Hayward-Charles Hazlewood Headman Healey Heard Heath - Childs Hearn Heaton-Davies Hemming Hemmins Hendry Henry Herman Herrador-Cosano Hewer Hewitt Hewitt Hewlett Heyden Heywood Higgs Higson Hilton Hinton Hobbs Hodge Holder Holder Holder Holden Holford Holfrod mHolley Holman Hood Holmes Hooper Hooper Hopkins Hopkins Hopkins Hopkinson Hopwood Hopewood Hoque Horne Houghland Hovey Hovey Howard Howe Howe Howe Howell Howes Howie Howse Hughes Hughes Humphris Humphris Hunt Huntingford Huntley Hurd Hurlock-Russell Hyett Hyett Hyett Hylton Hynam Ibbis Ibrim Idowu Impey Ireland Jackson Jackson-Mead James James James James James James James Jameson Jarvis Jarvis Jenkins Jenner John Johnson Johnson Johnson Joint Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jordan Joseph Joyce Joyner Judd Juszczyk Kahana Kamath Kang Karenga Kear Keates Keats Kefford Kelly Kelly Ken Kennardy Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy Kent Kesel Keselova Kholwadia Khoury Kilminster King King King King Kingscote Kingscott Knapp Knight Knight Kocerhan Kort Kort Kumrak Kurtze Kverkova Kverkova Lacey Laidlaw Laight Laight Lamb Lander Lane Langley Langley Laughton Lawless Lawrance Lawrence Lawrence Lay Leach Leach Leachman Leaver Lee Lee Lees Lehal Lewis Lewis Lewis Lewis Limbrick Limbrick Limbrick Lindsay Little Llewellyn Llewellyn Llewelyn Lodej Lodge Long Longford Lord Lovell Lovell Loveridge Loveridge Lowe Luddon Lunnon Lynall Lyons MacDonald Macfarlaine Mace Mackie Maclean Maclean Madigan Masters Mather Mathews Mathews Matthews Matthews Matthews Maxwell Mayo Mbewele Mcalary McCarthy McCarthy Mccarrick Mcconnell Mcdermid Mcdonald Mcgill Mckay Mckenna-Gough Mcmahon Meadows Meah Mebrouk Mee Meek Meeks Meheran Mehta Mein Mercer-Wright Merchant Merlock Merrett Merry-Taylor Metcalfe Miah Middleton Miles Miles Miles Miles Millard Millard Miller Miller Mills Mills Milner Milsom Minchin Mitchard Mitchel Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitten Mogg Moon Monicey Moore Moore Moore Moore Morgalba Morgalba Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgans Morley Morris Morris Morris Morrison Moulsdale Muggleton Mulen Mulhern Murray Murray Mustoe Myatt Nash Nash Nassor Neale Nelmes Newcombe Newman Newman Newman Newman-Martin Niblett Nicholas Nicholls Nicholls Nicholson Nixon Noble Norbury Norman Northcutt Nunn Oakes Oakes O'Beirne O'Brien Ochiltree O'Flaherty Oles Oliver O'Loughlin O'Neill O'Reilly Organ O'Ryan Osborne Overbury Overs Osburn Owens Oxley-Bevan Painting Page Palmer Palmer Palmer Palmer Palmer Pang Panting Papalous Papps Parfitt Parker Parker Parker Parker Parker Parkhurst Parry Parry-Jones Parsons Parsons Parsons Partlett Pask Patel Patel Patterson Paulova Payne Payne Payne Pearce Pearce Pecherek Peers Pendleton Penman Penman Perks Perkins Perry Perry Peters Phelps Philips Phipps Plant Plunkett Ponsford Ponsford Poole Poole-Jones Porter Potter Powell Powell Powell Powell Powell Powell-Mebrouk Preston Preston Price Price Price Price Price Price Price Price-Levi Print Prior Pritchard Prosser Proud Pugh Purchase Purdy Purdy Rackley Rahman Raine Raine Raine Raine Raja Ranken Rawle Raybould Rea Rea Reade Reade Reakes Reddy Rees Rees Reeves Reynods Reynolds Rhodes Rhodes Rich Richards-Good Richardson Riches Ridgway Riettie Rigby Righton Roberts Roberts Robinson Robinson Robinson Robinson Rogers Rogers Rogers Rose Ross Ross Rountree Rowland Rowley Rowley Rudge Russell Russell Ryland Ryland Ryland Ryland Ryland Saddington Sadler Saeed Saleh Sargean Sargeant Saysell Scally Seaman Searle Sekinger Seller Selwood Selwyn Shahid Shaw Shelton Shepherd Shepherd Sheppard Shiliwala Shine Short Short Shurmer Sidhu Sim Sinclair Sinclair skatula-Emberson Skidmore Skipp Skitt Smart Smart Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smythe Snell Snell Soons Soumrani Sparey Sparkes Speller Spencer Squire Sritharan Stalley Stamps Stanley Sterry Stevens Stevens Stevens Stewart Stewart Stocker Stoddart Stoddart Stokes Stokes Stokes Storey Stray Stroud Such Sullivan Summerell Sutton Swenson Sysum Sysum Sysum-Price Tams Tandy Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor Taylor-Jones Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomas Thomson Thompson Thornten Thornton Tinkler Tinton Tipins Todd Townsend Townsend Townsend Tranter Trigg Trumps Tucker Tucker Tunnicliffe Turkiewicz Turner Turner Turner Turner Turney Twyning Tynan Udolloress Roche Vaile Vaugham Villers Vines Vines Vitec Vizard Vizor Vizor Wager Wager Wainwright Wakefield Wakeham Wakeman Wakeman Walby Walby Walden Wales Walker Walker Wallace Warren Watson Watts Watts Watts Watts Weatherie Webb Webb Webster Weddle Wellington Wellington Wellington West Westcarr Westlake White White White White Whitmore Whitsun Wilcox Wilde Wilde Wilds Wilkingson Wilkins Willerton Williams Williams Williams Williams Wilson Wilson Wilson Withers Witts Witts Wood Woodley Woods Woolridge Womack Wright Wylie Wynn Yearsley Yeates Yip Yong Young Young Yule Yung Yusef Zakhil Zielinska